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Ectranslator- Frequently Asked Questions.


How much will my translation cost?

There are several factors we consider when quoting a specific project. The main criterion is the number of words a document contains. Other factors include the difficulty of the material (technical translations cost more than non-technical ones, for example) and any other special requests. Each project is quoted independently.


How long will it take to complete my translation?

Each project has its own schedule. While we do everything we can to facilitate our clients' translations and accommodate their delivery deadlines, we never sacrifice the quality of our translations for the sake of speed. However, we work closely with our clients and translators to make sure that the client's translations are delivered in a reasonable time frame.

How do you manage projects?

The following section outlines the typical life-cycle of our document translation process:

1.        We receive the original documents/files from you via e-mail, fax or delivery service.

2.        Our Project Managers analyze your documents/files and determine the scope of the project.

3.        We select the translators and subject matter experts based on their expertise.

4.        We define the specific terminology and create a glossary for the project.

5.        Our hand-picked translators translate and/or localize your documents/files.

6.        The subject matter expert reviews the draft translation for technical and/or scientific adaptation.

7.        Our Quality Assurance professionals check the overall quality, accuracy, style and consistency of the translation.

8.        We lay out and format the final translation to match the original documents/files as closely as possible.

9.        The final product is delivered to you, always on time.



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