Bridging the World with Words

Rooted in Japan & China, we offer a gateway to global communication through expert translation, interpretation, subtitling, and voice-over…

Ectranslator Translation Services: Bridging Global Communication

Ectranslator Translation Services was established in 2004 in Shanghai, China, and has since grown to a dedicated team of 20 professionals. With offices in both Shanghai, China and Osaka, Japan, we are strategically positioned in Asia’s most dynamic markets. 

From the very beginning, our mission has been to facilitate international clients’ entry into Asian markets and to help Asian clients connect with the global community. Our commitment to excellence and cultural understanding has made us a trusted partner in global communication.

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Comprehensive Language Solutions

At Ectranslator, we offer a wide range of language services tailored to meet diverse needs. Our expertise includes multilingual document translation, interpretation services, subtitling and voice-over for videos, multilingual website development, and foreign language training programs. 


At Ectranslator, we strive for perfection in translation services, aiding in your global communication needs..


Experience seamless cross-cultural communication with our expert interpretation services, designed to bridge language barriers in real-time.


Elevate your business videos with our precision subtitling, tailored to convey your message across languages with clarity and impact.


Enhance your business media with our professional voiceover solutions, crafted to deliver your message with engaging and resonant clarity.


Efficiently transforming audio and video to written text with precision and speed.

Virtual Digital Avatar Video Production

Elevate Your Brand at Any Hour with Lifelike Digital Avatars

Your Gateway to Asian Translation Excellence

Welcome to our Translation Services, the hub for expert language solutions in Asia. Based in Shanghai and Osaka, we excel in bridging language barriers with our deep understanding of Asian cultures and business practices. Our skilled translators offer accurate, fast, and reliable services across various sectors, ensuring your message perfectly resonates with your audience. Trust us to enhance your communication and expand your reach throughout Asia.

Why Choose Us: A Legacy of Excellence Since 2004

Since our establishment in 2004, we have become a renowned leader in the translation industry, distinguished by our longevity and expertise. Our journey began over two decades ago, and since then, we have fostered extensive partnerships with multinational corporations across various sectors. We take pride in our collaborations with global insurance companies, pharmaceutical giants, electronics industry leaders, and international agribusiness powerhouses. Our experience and deep-rooted connections in these industries enable us to provide specialized, context-aware translation services that are not just linguistically accurate but also industry-specific. Choosing us means partnering with a trusted veteran in the field, committed to excellence and enriched by a history of global collaboration and success.

Established in 2004, we specialize in precise, swift translations, offering exceptional after-sales support and expert localization for a global audience.

Exceptional Quality Assurance with Meticulous Attention

Rapid Delivery with Unwavering Reliability

Comprehensive After-sales Support for Every Client

Global Cultural Insight for Accurate Localization

Our Partners

Proudly Partnering with Industry Leaders and Esteemed Global Enterprises, Forging Strong Alliances that Elevate Translation Excellence and Innovation.

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of expert linguists who ensure every translation is accurate and culturally nuanced.


Language Experts

Our team consists of highly skilled linguists who specialize in accurately capturing nuances across diverse languages.

Culture Bridges

Each team member not only translates languages but also bridges cultures, ensuring a deeper understanding and connection.

Professional Commitment

Committed to excellence, our professionals work tirelessly to meet deadlines and exceed client expectations.

Looking for Expert Translation Services? Let's Talk!

Need to bridge language barriers? Our expert linguists are ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your translation needs and enhance your global communication.